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About Us

What We Do

Since 1994, we've been buying, selling & trading previously-owned CDs and DVDs online. We currently have over 8000 CDs and 3000 DVDs in stock, all fully guaranteed to play like new at a fraction of the price. 

Our Philosophy

Used discs should be just like new ones, only much cheaper. When you order a Used CD or DVD from most other online retailers, you usually get a dirty, scratched disc in a worn or cracked jewel case. At The CD Exchange, we put all discs and artwork in brand new cases. Aside from the asthetic advantage, this serves two purposes: it protects the DVD from dust and dirt, and it makes the product much more suitable to give as a gift.

How We Beat Our Competition

There are many differences between us and our competition:

The CD Exchange Other CD Stores
Scratch-free CDs with all artwork included, cleaned & in brand new jewel cases. Dirty, scratched CDs in worn-out, cracked cases.
FREE SHIPPING in the USA with a small minimum purchase. Yeah right. Most places gouge you on the shipping charges.
FAST shipping. We ship within 24 hours, and we offer Priority Mail if you need your items in a hurry. It takes weeks to receive your order from some places.
Unmatched customer service. We've had an A+ rating from the BBB since 1999
No customer service at all.





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